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Alexander Kagan

New first violin: Alexander Kagan

Since 2019 The  Dahlkvist  Quartet  welcomes  Alexander Kagan as new member of  the  quartet. We are very excited  and  happy  to  have  found  a  new  colleague of  such  outstanding  musicianship.  We  now  look  forward  to  embark on new endeavors together. 


West Cork Chamber Music Festival - Ireland

The summer 2019 we are doing our debut in Ireland playing at the prestigious chamber music festival. In total we make 8 public concerts during 10 days,  including  cooperation  with  some  exciting  musicians  and  teaching  young  quartets  during  masterclasses.

Other artists share the stage during the festival are among others: Johannes Moser (cello), Quatuor Zaïde, Chiaroscuro Quartet, Ellen Nisbeth etc.

Link to West  Cork  Chamber  Music  Festival Website 


Kreuth International Music Festival - Germany

Concert in Germany at Internationales Musikfest Kreuth am Tegernsee in July.

link to review (in German) from Miesmacher Merkur (

"Verneigung vor Vorangegangenen"

 "The nearly holistic colorfulness, that each of the four musicians were creating with their individual instruments, sprang to a common voice with which the Dahlkvist Quartet spoke of the future of the liberated chamber music."

- Alexandra Korimorth/Miesmacher Merkur, 16 July 2019

Link to festival webisite