Glafsfjorden Music Festival

The Dahlkvist Quartet was artist at Glafsfjordens musikfestival in Sweden, playing Dvorak quintet together with the amazing pianist Pavel Nersessian as well as quartets by Beethoven and Imogen Holst.


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Alexander Kagan

New first violin: Alexander Kagan

Since 2019 The  Dahlkvist  Quartet  welcomes  Alexander Kagan as new member of  the  quartet. We are very excited  and  happy  to  have  found  a  new  colleague of  such  outstanding  musicianship.  We  now  look  forward  to  embark on new endeavors together. 


West Cork Chamber Music Festival - Ireland

The summer 2019 we are doing our debut in Ireland playing at the prestigious chamber music festival. In total we make 8 public concerts during 10 days,  including  cooperation  with  some  exciting  musicians  and  teaching  young  quartets  during  masterclasses.

Other artists share the stage during the festival are among others: Johannes Moser (cello), Quatuor Zaïde, Chiaroscuro Quartet, Ellen Nisbeth etc.

Link to West  Cork  Chamber  Music  Festival Website 


Kreuth International Music Festival - Germany

Concert in Germany at Internationales Musikfest Kreuth am Tegernsee in July.

link to review (in German) from Miesmacher Merkur (

"Verneigung vor Vorangegangenen"

 "The nearly holistic colorfulness, that each of the four musicians were creating with their individual instruments, sprang to a common voice with which the Dahlkvist Quartet spoke of the future of the liberated chamber music."

- Alexandra Korimorth/Miesmacher Merkur, 16 July 2019

Link to festival webisite